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        1. Public Welfare

          • 新型冠狀肺炎疫情“雪中送炭

            At the end of January 2020, the company donated 800,000 yuan in cash and donated more than 400,000 yuan in materials such as "Pinse" moisturizing and antibacterial tissue paper to fight the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia.

          • “張樓景興希望小學”揭牌

            On July 12, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of "Zhanglou Jingxing Hope Primary School" was held in Zhanglou Village, Datun Town, Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province.

          • 開展幫扶結對愛心助學活動

            On June 27, 2019, under the unified organization of the party committee of Jingxing Paper, Shen Shouxian, the deputy secretary of the party committee, and the secretary of each branch and party member, and a group of 19 people went to Jingxing Hope Primary School in Zhanglou Village, Datun Town, Xiaoxian County, Anhui Province Help knot to love student activities.

          • “景興杯”節能夏令營順利閉營

            On the morning of July 21, 2016, teachers and students of the "Jingxing Cup" energy saving summer camp sponsored by the Pinghu Energy Conservation Association and the Municipal Education Bureau and named by Jingxing Paper visited the company's paper production line and wastewater treatment line, and held The grand closing ceremony.

          • 景興紙業向行知中學捐贈五十萬元并設立“景興教育基金”

            On December 28, 2018, in order to support local education and promote the educational sentiment of "love the world", the chairman Zhu Zailong donated 500,000 yuan to Xingzhi Middle School on behalf of Jingxing Paper and established the "Jingxing Education Fund" It is used to assist students with difficulties and scholarships for outstanding teachers and students.

          • 向嘉興市見義勇為基金會捐款80 萬元

            On the afternoon of July 10, 2013, Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd. donated 800,000 yuan to the foundation in Jiaxing to see Yiyong, and the chairman Zhu Zailong took a donation. Jiaxing city saw Yiyong to accept the donation for the foundation's chairman Shen Bingkang and issue a donation certificate.

          • 首次家庭開放日活動

            On August 12, 2016, "Walk into Jingxing and embrace 'Pinse'"-the first family open day of Jingxing Paper Parent School was successfully completed

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